(C) Millennium Actress Production Committee

Original Sound Track
by Susumu Hirasawa

Chaos Union/TESLAKITE(6 Sep. 2002)
CHTE-0022 (CD-EXTRA) $US 22

Sleeve and label arts by Satoshi Kon the director of film, and Takeshi Honda the character designer.

01 : Lotus Gate (Landscape-1)   5'06"  
02 : Chiyoko's Theme MODE-1  sample
03 : Gate of Wish   3'31"  
04 : Circle in Circle (Kun Mae #3)   4'08"  
05 : Chiyoko's Theme MODE-2
06 : Winds in Tandem  sample   3'08"  
07 : The Guy who gave her the Key  sample   5'11"  
08 : Log out (Kun Mae #1)   3'15"  
09 : Chiyoko's Theme MODE-3   1'06"  
10 : Run  sample   3'59"  
11 : Actress in time layers   5'51"  
12 : Rotation (LOTUS-2)  sample  lyrics   3'55"  

total time



Extra track : Movie Clip (MPEG1)
ROTATION(LOTUS-2) short version

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by Masaru Owaku, a CG artist.

'Lotus-2 came up, when we had reached climax of our work. Although we unreasonably desired and required, it was much much greater than we expected. We found it was the very destination of Chiyoko and us.'
~ Satoshi Kon
'As I saw the film through, I felt a shudder down my spine because I realised that why the director chose the tune(track1) in the prologue. The structure of the track has a key to solving the space-time trap of MILLENNIUM ACTRESS, which turns and turns like landslides.'
~ Susumu Hirasawa

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